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Vincenzo De Vivo *

It doesn’t surprise me that Stefan Anton Reck alternates podium with easel to make - in the same way as Theophile Gautier - “une transposition d’art”. If instead of a “palette” he renders his lute, he remains steady and rigorous with his approach to the object; an attitude that encourages the emotiona; only after having completed the analytic recognition. Rhythm and colour, which are the core of musical invention, are the founding elements of his visuality.

Reck is at the same time interpreter and creator: the sign inspired by Notations by Boulez investigates the structure of every individual piece. From it, his work offers a visual reading which is certainly as effective as the musical one.

* Artistic director and Director of MeMUS and Historical Archive of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples

Stefan Anton Reck. Pittura. Suono Gesto Segno
Iemme Edizioni, Napoli, 2014


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